How It Works

First meeting:

When we first meet we will get a detailed understanding of your concerns about your child as well as some background information.  This will give us the chance to think about what type of therapy will best suit your needs.

Individual therapy

Therapy with younger children works to engage them in a playful way using drawings, toys, play doh etc to help children express their feelings and worries. Parents are usually present for these sessions to support the young person and so they can help implement the work at home.

Therapy with adolescents and parents tends to be talking and the teaching of relevant strategies, depending on the nature of the problem. When meeting with an older child or adolescent we can meet without the parent present but parents are still kept actively involved where relevant and regularly updated at review sessions.

I develop a collaborative and respectful partnership with all individuals and families that places families as the expert on their lives and honours the skills, experience, and knowledge that everyone brings with them.

Using a problem-solving approach I draw on people’s own skills and strengths and my expertise to develop personalised strategies. Often the therapy will involve some things to try between sessions. This allows young people and their families to take control of their own wellbeing and usually enhances progress more quickly. The course of the therapy varies according to the individual or family needs, and the severity of the problem but this will be regularly reviewed with you.


The meetings are strictly confidential, within the boundaries of safeguarding (ie. unless I am concerned that you or other people are in immediate danger , in which case I will discuss with you informing the appropriate external agencies).

I also keep written records of sessions. This information is securely kept and solely for my use. The details will not be passed onto anyone else without your permission.

I may discuss aspects of our work with colleagues during professional supervision but will keep identifying details anonymous.

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